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About Chiropractic

Your spine is intimately related to all your nerves. Through everyday stresses (physical, chemical and emotional), vertebrae (spinal bones) subluxate (misalign), choking and irritating adjacent nerves, thereby interfering with messages being sent to and from your brain and body. This causes a decrease in function and ability to adapt to ever-changing internal and external environments. These misalignments, known as subluxations, often can't be felt, because only 1/9th of your nerve system allows you to feel pain. Therefore, almost 90% of your nervous system is responsible for the proper function of your whole body. Being healthy is not how you are feeling, it's how you are functioning. If your nerves are being interfered with, your body can't function properly and you are not as healthy as you can be.

In all disease processes, from cavities to cancer, symptoms are not present when the problem begins. Only after enough damage is done and the problem has advanced will you experience pain and symptoms. Therefore, subluxations are a better indicator of health then symptoms.

Chiropractors adjust the subluxated vertebrae and restore them to their normal position, allowing proper nerve function and improved health. Because chiropractors adjust the spine to remove nerve interference, many people mistakenly believe that chiropractic is only for back pain, but it's really so much more! It's for anyone, with or without symptoms, who wants to increase the quality of life for themselves and their family, and ensure they are as health y as they can be (functioning at their optimum) while avoiding spinal decay, which will protect their future. The best approach to your health is a proactive approach, also known as a wellness approach, which we encourage in our office. It doesn't wait for pain and/or symptoms, but rather addresses the essentials to health on an on-going basis. This lifestyle will not only save you money in the long run, but will dramatically increase the quality of life. Become your best with chiropractic!